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6-month project

Target areas

The 6-month project is targetted at the following three areas:


The objectives for the six month project are as follows:

Activities to be undertaken in the 6-month project

Detailed study on child abuse and problems

The study will serve as a baseline survey that will gather accurate information needed for the main project. This activity will also provide a comprehensive understanding about the target group and the target location.

Community groups

The state bodies responsible for the target communities will be identified and information shared with regard to the project and its objectives. All community societies that are active in the area will be identified and introduced to the project and its objectives.

Existing groups will be strengthened and new groups started in areas that do not have active groups. It is anticipated that at least youth groups, community development societies, women’s societies and children’s societies will be established in each area.

Intervention in identified problems

The following general interventions are proposed for all three areas.

Programmes for knowledge, development on rights, ethic and values of the target groups

Child development

Programmes to create a child friendly school environment:

Capacity building

Ulapane and Kadugannawa Schools

The following activities will be implemented.

There will be small scale renovations and maintenance activities (e.g. toilets, dilapidated buildings) which will be implemented with the contribution of parents and community. Additionally, the project will support activities such as sports activities, drama and painting of walls.

Children will be given awareness on primary health, importance of education, values and duties of school children and other issues that concern their wellbeing. School based children’s societies will be established to develop leadership skills, support healthy extra curricular activities and organise various competitions (e.g. debates, speech, sports, singing, art, music, essay writing.) to highlight children’s talents.

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