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The Trust

Established in 1997, Shining Life Children's Trust is working to improve the lives of children disadvantaged by poverty in Sri Lanka. Our focus is on the family, and we aim to build a sustainable and brighter future for children by working through the communities in which they live.

Mission Statement

Shining Life Children's Trust is an international, non-profit, apolitical and secular funding organisation that works in partnership with small local non-governmental organisations and community-based organisations involved with child-centred activities. Shining Life Children’s Trust is committed to encouraging self-help, self-reliance and empowerment, believing that real and sustainable development is a process in which people change their own lives by their own efforts. Shining Life Children Trust's geographical scope is limited to Sri Lanka alone.

Specifically our objectives are:

Shining Life Children's Trust is a charity registered with the Charity Commission and a company limited by guarantee registered with Companies House.


Shining Life has policies covering the following:

The equality and diversity policy is available here.

Shining Life's privacy policy is available here.


Shining Life produces annual accounts. The following accounts are available for downloading in PDF format:

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