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New project launched in Medawachchiya

Angunochchiya project launch

Angunochchiya project launch

In February 2017 Shining Life Children’s Trust launched a new 6-month project in partnership with the Human Development Foundation (HDF); with the communities of the Angunochchiya Gram Sevaka Division (AGSD), in Medawachchiya.

A series of events were held in each of the three villages within AGSD to introduce the work of the project. Attendance was high in all three villages and the community showed a real commitment to the work of the project.

There was a real buzz of excitement as Malkanthi, HDF Project Co-ordinator went through the activity plan for the project. Members of the community welcomed the plans for the project and showed particular anticipation for the Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) clinics and the resources and opportunities being made available for children. Meeting dates were set and members elected for the village welfare societies and children’s clubs. Plans for music lessons and new year celebrations for children were also put into motion.

Sally Chandler, SLCT Field Director, who attended the events, commented 'I have been truly inspired by the motivation and commitment shown by the community here today. They have welcomed the work of the project and are eager and excited to begin work to deliver the change they want and need. The work that is delivered over the next 6-months will be crucial to inform our plans for a longer 30-month project and to ensure positive sustained outcomes for the community. I feel privileged to be part of this project and am very much looking forward to the next 6 months'.

Angunochchiya project launch

Angunochchiya project launch

The project was identified through a Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) with the community, facilitated by our partners HDF. Initial work with the community highlighted various challenges surrounding child development, access to safe drinking water, health and well-being and mobilization of the community.

The 6-month project has been designed as an introduction phase to a longer 30-month project; enabling time for SLCT and HDF to establish a strong base in the community and develop a deeper analysis of the community’s needs to guide the work of the longer project.

The 6-month project will work to build the capacity of the community through village welfare societies, children’s clubs and a series of training and awareness programmes. The project will facilitate oopportunities for children to participate in community events and extra –curricular activities through the provision of musical and sporting equipment and activities. The project will also work with various government agencies and the community to deliver a series of CKD clinics and address the provision of safe drinking water for the community.

To find out more about the project please visit the project page.

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