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Our Autumn 2023 newsletter is now available. Please click on this link to download it.You can also download other newsletters from the leaflets page.


Our projects in Sri Lanka have been affected by the lockdowns due to COVID-19. Please click here to find out more about how the projects have been affected and what steps have been taken to mitigate the effects.


You can read stories on how our work has helped to improve lives on our 20 stories, 20 years blog.

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Please click here to download our current leaflet which also contains details of how you can donate to us.

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images from the projects in Sri Lanka

Shining Life Children’s Trust works to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in Sri Lanka. Our focus is on the family. Through working with families and the communities in which they live we aim to build a sustainable and brighter future for the children.

We believe that real and sustainable development is a process in which people change their own lives by their own efforts. To achieve this we work in partnership with local Sri Lankan organisations, supporting communities that aren’t getting enough support and working in ways that larger charities can’t.

Shining Life Children’s Trust is staffed entirely by volunteers ensuring that over 98% of your donation goes directly to our work in Sri Lanka.

How your money is used

A donation of £5 per month provides day care facilities and a daily nutritious snack for one child.

£15 per month pays to set up children’s clubs; building children’s confidence and self esteem and enabling them to work together to address the inequalities they experience.

£25 per month pays for 5 health workers to teach the community about basic nutrition and hygiene.

£50 per month pays for the local field officer to coordinate the project and ensure every aspect of the project is sustainable.

£100 per month enables us to establish a credit and loan system allowing the children’s parents to start new businesses and build a brighter future for their families.

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