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Equality and Diversity Policy

Statement of Intent

Shining Life Children's Trust is committed to promoting equality and valuing diversity in all its activities delivering inclusive processes, practices and culture both within our organisation and with our project implementation partner organisations.

Equality Act 2010

Shining Life Children's Trust aims to comply with, and promote the principles of, the Equality Act 2010 at all times. This includes:

For the purposes of this document a protected characteristic is as defined within the Equalities Act 2010:

Our approach

We aim to build and sustain a community which values and respects other people's different background, characteristics, ideas and beliefs. To achieve this our principle of promoting equality and valuing diversity is at the heart of each aspect of our business. These areas include:

Achieving our vision

The action we take to achieve this vision and ensure this approach is delivered is vital. Shining Life Children's Trust will do this through our Diversity Action Plan, that identifies key equality goals to be achieved. The responsible officer for the action plan is the Secretary and the plan is formally reviewed every 6 months by all Trustees at a Trust Board meeting.

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