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Galewala development project

Photo of training session in Galewala

Training session in Galewala.

Shining Life Children’s Trust worked with the Foundation for Human Development (HDF, Manawa Sanwardana Padanama) on a project in the Galewala area. This is the third project that Shining Life has worked on with HDF.

Galewala is situated three hours' drive north-east of Colombo, near Dambulla. The Trust initially funded a 6-month pilot project which was completed successfully in August 2009. The project took place in the three villages of Meewalapataha, Thalakiriyagama and Ibbankatuwa.

The pilot project initiated many activities as well as providing the baseline data for the main project. The main project ran from January 2010 until January 2012. The Trust successfully withdrew from the project in early 2012, after the sustainability report indicated that the main goals of the project had been met.

Some of the achievements are:

Read the sustainability report to find out more about the achievements of the project. You can also click on the links to find out more about the project.

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