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Give a Shining Life Gift

Are you looking to buy a gift for someone that will make a real difference? This year we are once again offering Shining Life Gifts. Shining Life Gifts are precious because they are genuinely needed.

Each gift purchased will help to fund our work with 3 village communities in Anaradhapura, central Sri Lanka. The communities here face the challenge of chronic poverty. With a local economy based on agriculture but located in the dry zone of Sri Lanka, water is a scarce commodity and this creates health and economic hardships. We started working with these communities just this year and have asked them to identify what would make a real difference to them as they start to build a brighter future. It is these ideas that are being passed on to you as Shining Life Gifts.

When you purchase a Shining Life Gift, it will be sent to you electronically. You will receive a detailed description of the gift you have purchased including a community photograph to pass on to your intended recipient; your chosen gift will be given directly to the families of Anaradhapura. Shining Life Gifts will change the lives of these children in Anaradhapura and thanks to you, your friends and family will know that they'll be making a real and lasting difference.

You can order the gifts online by clicking on the 'Add to Cart' buttons below. You will then be taken to the Paypal site where you amend your order if needed. You can pay by credit card securely using Paypal. Your Shining Life gift card will then be sent out to you.

If you prefer to pay by cheque, please download this form and post it to us with your cheque.

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Shining Life Gift

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Children's day celebration

Help these children celebrate their amazing achievements, and for one day forget their difficulties.



This enables one mother to be trained in making soap and candles, which she can then sell to earn an income.


Health improvement

Fund children’s health clinics, making malnutrition a thing of the past.


Library books

Help ensure access to reading for all through buying books for the new village libraries we will establish.


Bee keeping

Teach and equip families to keep bees, supporting them to earn an income and provide an environmentally friendly way to keep elephants away.

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