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Angunochchiya Gram Sevaka Division (AGSD) 6-month project

Shining Life Children’s Trust (SLCT) has started a new 6-month project in partnership with the Human Development Foundation (HDF). The project is working with three villages in the Angunochchiya Gram Sevaka Division in Medawachchiya, which is on the edge of the Anuradhapura district. The community is predominantly Sinhala, with a total population of 1123.

Initial work with the community has highlighted various challenges surrounding child development, access to safe drinking water, health and well-being and mobilization of the community.

Levels of poverty are high and there is a growing concern over the prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in the area. Problems exist with access to education, as many children are not regularly attending school because of supporting family members with work or CKD. The community has recognised that there are limited opportunities for young people within the three villages to support their development and participation.

A lack of leadership and cohesion has existed amongst the community which has made it difficult to drive improvement and approach various external agencies and organisations for support. There has also been a lack of presence and engagement with various government and private organisations. This has resulted in restricted access to various resources and facilities needed by the community, such as access to safe drinking water and health care facilities.

The 6-month project has been designed as an introduction to a longer 30-month project. The 6-month project will enable SLCT and HDF to establish a strong base in the community and develop a deeper analysis of the community’s needs to guide the work of the longer project.

The long term focus for AGSD will be to work with the community to alleviate poverty.

To work towards this aim the 6-month project will focus on delivering the following outcomes:

The 6-month project will work to build the capacity of the community through Children’s Clubs, Village Welfare Societies and a series of training and awareness programmes. Opportunities for children to participate in community, musical and sporting activities will be facilitated through the Children’s Clubs. The project will also work with various government agencies and the community to deliver a series of CKD clinics and address the provision of safe drinking water for the community.

The 6-month project will also focus on developing a fuller understanding of the challenges and needs of the community to inform the work of the longer 30-month project.

For more information, please click here to access the full project proposal.

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